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From Little Acorns…a brief history       

On Wednesday 20th October 1954 Clarkson Infants’ School was officially opened by the County Alderman J.W.Payne, J.P (Chairman of the Isle of Ely Education Committee).

Clarkson was the second new school to be opened in the market town of Wisbech and the first new school in the Borough designed solely for infants.

The School site was quite bare back in 1954, in comparison to how it is now.  The grounds now contain a large sports field, a wild area, and a sensory garden for the children to visit and other areas where children are able to express themselves and grow in a positive environment.  Development of the school grounds is a continuing process and we are all able to enjoy the results of the hard work of our grounds maintenance staff.

Currently…. Clarkson Infant and Nursery School School is a Community School with 258 pupils on roll, which comes under the umbrella of the Local Authority (LA)  a thriving school teaching happy children.  There are 8 classes in the main school,  3 classes for Reception, 3 classes for Year 1 and 2 classes for Year 2.  In addition to our mainstream infant school we have an established popular Nursery and presently can take up to 52 children.

Our House Teams:


The Peckover’s were bankers in Wisbech. They played an important role in the history of the town, and through their wealth, they supported many local places including the Wisbech and Fenland Museum. Jonathan Peckover, purchased Peckover House in the 1790s, which is on The North brink. It is one of the great Georgian Houses in England . Just over 150 years later Peckover House, its garden and estate of 48 acres were given to the National Trust in 1943.


Octavia Hill was born in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in 1838, she was the daughter of James Hill, a prosperous corn merchant and former banker.James built an Infant School, run by Octavia’s mother, Caroline. Today it is part of the Angles Theatre, staging productions for local people to take part in or enjoy as spectators. Octavia was born in a house on The South Brink in Wisbech. Today the house is a museum, where you can find out about Octavia’s life.


Thomas Clarkson was born in Wisbech, in 1760. His father was a local headmaster. Thomas Clarkson went to the local grammar school. Thomas Clarkson decided to devote his life to abolishing the Slave Trade.Lots of places in Wisbech are named after him like our school, Clarkson Avenue and in the town is the Clarkson Memorial , to commemorate his life and work.


The Hudson’s were farmers in Wisbech and they owned lots of land. They gave parts of their land to help the people of Wisbech. One of the places that is most known in Wisbech today is The Hudson Leisure Centre. The land that it is built on was once an Orchard owned by Mr Hudson, he gave the land to the people of Wisbech for a Leisure Centre to be built so that they could enjoy sports.


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