International Primary Curriculum

International Primary Curriculum


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IPC Learning Themes – whole school overview (1) 2015-2016

Great Teaching, Great Learning, Great Fun!

Clarkson Infant & Nursery School is proud to be adopting the International Primary Curriculum: a curriculum which has been highly praised by Ofsted and is revolutionising learning in over 1500 schools in 85 countries.
The curriculum is a thematic one, teaching history, art, PE, music, DT, geography and PHSE through themes such as ‘Chocolate’, ‘The Circus’ and ‘Earth-Movers!’ Additionally, all units have a strong international theme and take greater account of modern technology.
Each theme starts with a ‘WOW’ day in order to introduce the theme to children and ensure all children have a good base knowledge before starting their studies and each unit ends with a celebration event to which parents are invited.
Furthermore, as an IPC school, all children will have access to a learning platform in order that they can link to other IPC schools over the world. This will help to bring learning to life as, for instance, if studying earthquakes, the children could link to pupils living in an earthquake zone and interview them about what life is like there and see footage of the earthquakes that have taken place there. You can’t get much more real than that!
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