Internet Safety

I draw your attention to E Safety matters.


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I also urge you not to make personal comments about children and families that could be damaging to the well-being of members of our school community.

As you will be aware all of the schools in the partnership work very closely together. We meet regularly and discuss issues of common interest and develop plans and projects to continually improve the learning experiences of our cluster schools, children and young people.

There is a concern around social networking sites and the impact that these are having. Our school protocol and policy on dealing with these issues and this is shared with you below.

Whilst we recognise that the vast majority of parents will never be involved in any defamatory conversations it is important that everyone is aware of our school approach to this issue and a shared duty of care to the staff, parents and pupils in our school.

Parents and children should follow the age related guidance regarding social networking sites and where these are clearly being ignored Headteachers would share this information with the site concerned.

(Please note: A child must be 13 to be eligible to sign up for Facebook. The age is higher for a number of other sites)

Where individual schools are named on sites in a defamatory way or staff are named and discussed the school will take action up to and including legal action. Any behaviour from adult or child which may be regarded in law as harassment or bullying will be referred to the police.

The names of parents who have been involved in defamatory discussions about schools or staff will be shared between schools. Staff work with colleagues from other schools and will alert them to any issues that they feel may be defamatory. Headteachers will discuss any incidents reported to them with the parent or child concerned. It will be up to individual Headteachers as to the action taken but this may include a written response to be kept on the child’s file, a ban from the school premises, a referral to the police or legal action involving the schools’ legal representatives.

Headteacher, SLT and Governors at Clarkson Infant & Nursery School are extremely grateful for the excellent support that they receive from the vast majority of parents and know that the success of our school is in large part due to the excellent level of support from our families.

We know that some parents and children have had issues with these sites also and will welcome our strong stance.

As always, parents can speak to the Headteacher, deputy or Senior member of staff, if they have any concerns regarding this.

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