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Welcome to Mauve Class – Miss Moulis

Summer Term 1 2017

24th May 2017

Dear Parents / Carers,

What a term this will be!

We, of course, are always busy but this term will prove to be even more so due to the SATS papers the children will need to sit.  There are 2x maths and 2x reading papers which are statutory and the children will all do them, but this is not a problem in any way as they will do their best and this is all we ask of them.   All we ask of you is that they are in school.  Missing school will not mean missing the papers as they will sit them on their return.

This term we are taking on the challenge of the topic ‘Live and Let Live!’.  This has been developed especially for your children and we shall link our writing and maths as much as we can to it in order to make their learning relevant and interesting. This topic will allow the children to grow a variety of plants and also think about the unenviable task farmers have of protecting their crop.  The children will be designing and making their own bird scaring devices and we look forward to seeing how these develop. This term’s RE is a focus on Christianity and will further the children’s questioning and understanding of what it means to be religious and the key messages Christianity shares.

 Please continue to read to your child and listen to them read.  The language development they absorb from these activities is immeasurable.

 The Year Two Team would like to thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Hare, Mrs Haworth, Mrs Ahmad and Miss Moulis

Spring Term 1 2017


Hello and a belated, very belated, welcome back message for our class’s blog!

What a busy start to the term!

There have been a few bugs doing the rounds, and I have spent the last month shaking off something and your children have been fabulously patient with my lack of voice and hearing!

Thank you for helping your child to complete their homework which began last week. Any problems or questions regarding this please come and speak with me.

This term we have begun to learn about Sikhism in RE, the programme Power Point in ICT, gymnastics in PE and for our other topical lessons our theme is water.

This week we had a fabulous visit from Cambridgeshire Fire Service’s fire fighters. They taught us all about fire safety and the children had some excellent questions to pose them. You may find your child searching for your home’s smoke detector, following the advice given to them by Luke, Tim and Kev!



Autumn Term 2 2016

27th November 2016
Apologies for not updating our class blog last week; however, I will make up for that by giving you a small glimpse of our class’s happenings! 
This week, we shall be spending most of our effort on preparing for:  the Christmas Fayre ( don’t forget to come along – this Friday!); the redecorating of the corridor, which will take place as if by magic on Wednesday night; and of course lots of practise for our traditional nativity play. 
It will be a very busy week!
Again any class related issues you wish to discuss, feel free to grab me at the end of the day; and if i am able to, I will happily spend time with you.
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14th November

Thank you for checking in to our class page again.

This week we shall begin finding a little out about the Great Fire of London.  We shall be continuing to write instructions in English this week and will begin a new genre next week.  The sunshine room will have another week on instruction writing. 

We will be making sure that we understand what the sign x means in maths and then use this to help us begin to divide!!! Well, that’s the plan!

We shall begin to learn some of our songs for the play and know what our part in the nativity is before the end of the week!!!!!  

Last week we were lucky enough to begin our Reading Dog idea…..this is brilliant and thank you to those families who have already been hosts to our class’s dog ‘Pickles’!  He has been well loved!

Miss Mills has been changing books as the children tell us they need to.  If , however, you find that books need changing, but aren’t, please encourage your child to speak up or come to speak to me about that at the end of the day. 


Thanks……will share again next week  ;0)

What a busy week we had last week!

 Poetry recitals, poetry writing, rocket building, shape identifying, baseball skills. word processing skills and a superb attitude to learning once again.

Thank you to those parents who kept their children off school with their tummy bugs – I believe that kept the rest of us safe!

 If there are any parents who would be happy to volunteer an hour or half an hour of your time to listen to readers, please let Miss Moulis or Miss Gillings know…..we will soon get you started!

Many thanks for your continued support.

Do not hesitate to catch me at the end of the day for a chat about school concerns.

Miss Moulis



Dear Parents / Carers,

It is with great pleasure that the Year 2 team are informing you of your child’s next topic’s Learning Goals. This time of year there are lots of events and celebrations, many of which use fire, fireworks and light as a main feature. We have therefore created an informative and fun topic for this very busy term.

Please continue to read to and listen to your child read on a daily basis where possible. The importance of these activities is widely recognised for improving reading, speaking, writing skills and for emotional wellbeing.

Your child should be able to count in 2s, 5s, 10s. Your help to make sure that they can would be greatly appreciated. After these slip off the tongue, counting in 3s comes next.

0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24

0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120

0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60

0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 33, 36

 This term we shall be completing our:

Art Learning Goals through Christmas Activities

History Learning Goals through learning the stories of Guy Fawkes + The Great Fire of London.

International Learning Goals, Geography Learning Goals and Society Learning Goals will be explored through Diwali and Nativity linked activities

Music Learning Goals will be completed in the production of our Christmas Play its songs……can’t wait for this!

Physical Education Learning Goals will be continued to be explored with Mr Minall and followed up by the class teacher (please have PE kits in school every day)

Technology Learning Goals will be more than filled through Christmas Activities… exciting, but we will contain our excitement until December to let the magic remain special!

ICT & Computing Learning Goals this term will be exploring the programme Microsoft Word.

The Year Two Team would like to thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Pawley, Mrs Hare, Mrs Haworth and Miss Moulis


Autumn Term 1 2016


What a lot we packed in to last week!

Monday, we learnt miming and juggling skills.

Tuesday, we created the second page for our class Circus information booklet….you will be welcome to have a read once it is finished!

Wednesday, we watched circus acrobats from the past and made our own ribbon batons. WE then explored movement with them – which was rather fun as the wind rose!

Thursday, held the highlight of the week as we had a visit from Crazy Banana who allowed us to try all sorts of circus skills and equipment.

Friday, well….we only won the attendance trophy again for the third week running!!!

Next week promises to be just as busy!

Dear Parents,

Over the next six weeks those of us in Year Two will be following a unit of work on a theme that focuses on ‘Movement and entertainment’.

This unit of work is part of the International Primary Curriculum. This new curriculum

sets out very clearly what children will learn – the learning goals – in three different areas:

  1. The subjects of the curriculum. The learning goals for each of these subjects are in line with the National Curriculum.

  2. Personal development – the characteristics which will help children become more responsible, independent learners.

  3. International understanding – which will help children develop both a sense of the independence of their own country and culture and the interdependence between countries and cultures.

Each unit of work is based around specific targets derived from the learning goals for one or more of the subjects.

During this unit we will be focusing on Geography, History, Art, Society, Science and


In Art, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to draw faces and understand expressions

  • About the work of artists who have painted pictures about the circus

In History, we’ll be finding out:

  • What circuses were like in the past

  • About some of the people who made circuses famous

  • How circuses have changed over the years

    In Science, we’ll be finding out:

    • Which materials would make a waterproof tent

    • Which materials to use for circus costumes

    • About forces – pushes and pulls in circus acts

    In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

    • How to put up a tent

    • How to plan and make circus tents for soft toys

    In Geography, we’ll be finding out:

    • How to draw maps and plans of a circus

    • How to use maps and atlases to find out about the countries some circus animals come from

    In Physical Education, we’ll be finding out:

    • How to use juggling balls

    • How to balance and make movements used in circus performances

    In Society, we’ll be finding out:

    • How to stay safe in busy places

    • What it’s like to be a circus artist

    In Music, we’ll be finding out:

    • About music for the circus

    • How to compose and write rhythms and tunes about circus performers

    In ICT, we’ll be finding out:

    • How to draw a plan for our own circus

    • How to make tickets and a poster for our own circus

    In International, we’ll be finding out:

    • What different people think about using animals in the circus

    • What the circus of the future might look like

    All of the work we are going to do has been specially written to help your child reach the learning goals. Children will be reading, researching, writing, illustrating, working on their own and working in groups. We will be checking to see how well your child has learnt through particular activities and asking children to explain their work to you.

    We already know the interest you take in your child’s work. If you can, please discuss with your child the work they have done as the term progresses and let them teach you.

    Your child might ask you general questions about circuses today and in the past and for circus dressing-up clothes for role play in class.

    If your child has some work to research, please help them, but without actually doing the work. If you have the chance to further their interest in the ideas of this theme please take it, but your enthusiasm and interest is most important.

    By the end of the unit, we hope your child has achieved all of the learning targets. We hope they will have had an enjoyable time in the classroom. And we hope you will have enjoyed seeing your child work with enthusiasm. If you have any comments about the work your child will be doing, please get in touch.



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