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Summer 2017

Nursery Blog.


In nursery we have been very busy exploring spring and beginning the introduction of our IPC topic ‘Animals’.

The first few weeks back we explored the theme of Easter with our story ‘We’re going on an Egg Hunt’ by Laura Hughes.



This story builds upon the repetitive language and repeated refrains we have been exploring in other stories such as:

  • We’re going on a Bear Hunt

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you hear

  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you see?

All essential early literacy skills. This book also allowed your children to explore mathematical prepositional vocabulary such as ‘behind’ ‘on top’ and ‘next to’.

To develop other essential skills we engaged in board games that supported your children with taking turns, recognising numerals, using 1-1 correspondence and most importantly having fun with their friends!

We have started to look at life cycles of chicks and tadpoles in nursery. This has been through watching animals building nests for their young on nature programmes and discussing what we have seen and why they may use certain materials. We then also made nests ourselves in the outdoors selecting from a variety of different materials. These are some of the books we used in nursery to support our learning:



Over the next two weeks we will be continuing our theme of growth and new life with looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

The story will support your children with continuing to develop their literacy skills such as comprehension and specific language used for telling fairy stories such as ‘Once upon a time’. The children will also be able to join in with repeated refrains such as ‘Fe Fi Fo Fum’! We hope they share these at home with you!

Your children will be able to plant broad beans and watch the roots and bean sprout. You may even want to observe this too with your child/ren as they will be taped onto the windows in bags for them to observe.

We will also be building the Giants castle and thinking of the shapes needed to do this. This leads to discussions of the properties of shapes and also a natural lead into using 3D shapes such as cuboids, cones and spheres. In group time the children will be working in small groups collaborating to make large pictures outside of the castle with the carpet tiles. This requires a lot of team work, discussion, problem solving and creativity.

In group time we will also be completing story maps of Jack and the beanstalk. These allow your children to recall the main characters and story events and put them into the correct sequence. We will display these in nursery for you to see.

Of course we will still be carrying out our weekly dough gym sessions to strengthen gross and fine motor skills, beat baby to develop musicality, such as rhythm and beat and PE sessions just to name a few!


We thank you for your continued support.


Miss Moon and the Nursery Team.

23rd April 2017.

Dear Parents,


Over the next half term in Rainbow Class we will be enhancing your child’s learning about‘Animals’. Our big question to support the exploration of this topic will be, ‘Do jungle animals, safari animals, marine animals, farm animals and pets all eat the same things’?


We have been busy asking your children what animals they would like to research in this topic and also mind mapping their initial knowledge on this topic and possible exciting learning experiences.

We will support your child with researching this question using ICT, literature and various other strategies. We may also ask for your support in this too! We are hoping to plan another ‘wow’ session for you to attend with your child but we will send information regarding this once details have been finalised.

This unit is part of the Early Years programme of the International Primary Curriculum. This curriculum has been specially written for young children who are in schools out of their home country and sets out clearly what children should learn in four groups or ‘strands’ — these are called ‘Independence and Interdependence’, ‘Communicating’, ‘Exploring’, and ‘Healthy Living’.


The activities which have been planned will cover these strands in the following ways:

Independence and Interdependence

The children will learn about diversity within the animal world and about acceptable behaviour, rules, responsibilities and rights, especially in relation to the natural environment.



The children will listen to stories and fables about animals and will have the opportunity to develop descriptive language when playing ‘Who am I?’. They will sort and count animals as well as learn about comparative sizes. We will sing songs and learn rhymes linked to the theme.


Some texts to support our exploration.


Throughout this theme there will be opportunities for the children to make decisions,

choose their own materials and take some responsibility for their own learning — for example, when they explore animal skins and make animal masks. They will also classify groups of animals and learn about the natural environment.



Healthy Living

During the course of this theme the children will make choices and learn about paying attention and concentrating.


We will adapt our book corner into a Jungle themed area providing many resources such as puppets, fiction, non-fiction, and song and rhyme props to support your child’s exploration within this theme.

As always, we welcome any support or suggestions which you may have. We will post weekly information regarding different learning experiences your child has explored on our school website.


Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Moon and the Nursery Team.




Spring 2017

Nursery Blog.

Week commencing 6th March 2017.


In nursery we have had some exciting new resources to support and ignite your child’s passion for learning. In our Investigation room we have had an OHP that enables your child to explore technology and also scientific concepts such as light and shadow and magnification. Nursery children have been able to deepen their knowledge of shape and colour using these piece of technology independently through experiences as pictured below:

We have also had lots of large numbers to explore number sequence and number sense in the outdoor environment, all experiences that deepen your child’s understanding of maths.

We have started to look at another Early Years favourite book called ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. We have looked at specific literacy vocabulary such as ‘Author’ and what this means. We have also continued to explore structures of books and looking at pictures and thinking about what the words/ sentences may be telling us. This story ignites children’s imaginations and your children have been thinking about what Baby Bear would have in his picnic on the moon and helped teachers ‘write’ a ‘list’ all important literacy skills.

Your children have also had the opportunity to retell the story using the props from the book. Sitting in a rocket (box), wearing a space helmet (colander), whooshing into space and having a picnic on the moon!

This will be continued next week.

On our playdough table we have also explored the rhyme ‘Five little men in a flying saucer’ introducing your child to subtraction (by removing the aliens has they fly off), developing physical skills such as ‘rolling’ dough (all important to strengthen the hand for writing!) and also developing number sense and recognition (rolling ‘5’ dough aliens and finding the numeral 5). Creating aliens using a variety of resources independently enable your child to use their creativity and imagination. Pictures have been taken and will be used to make a rhyme book.

Making shape rockets has been another craft experience on offer to your children, further exploring their shape knowledge and constructing a picture using shapes. Our rocket pictures are also going to make a book for nursery to allow your children to celebrate their work and revisit learning.

Over the past few week we have celebrated Pancake Day and nursery children thought of the ingredients we needed, used a recipe, made pancakes and then ate them! Spring has almost sprung too so this means we are also beginning to explore growing and change in the natural environment. To develop our growing in the nursery garden your children have planted cress pots which they have been watering and watching the growth of. Maybe your child has discussed this with you? If so please let us know! Your child’s cress pot will be coming home soon to share with you.

 We thank you for your continued support.

Miss Moon and the Nursery Team.

Nursery Blog.

Weeks commencing 20th and 27th February 2017.


In the first couple of weeks back from half term we continued to explore our theme of bears, looking at ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. This book allowed your children to continue to develop their developing skills on rhythm and rhyme in stories.

Children built upon their sensory experiences by exploring the different textures in the story such as wavy grass, sticky oozy mud and the cold swirling whirling snowstorms. We looked at the use of adjectives when describing theses different textures.

Recalling and retelling the sequence of the story is a vital skill and your children were afforded many opportunities to do this for example, using their body as musical instruments to explore the beat of the story when retelling using the IWB. Please find the link below if you would like to do this at home:

We also went on a Bear Hunt in our school playground, engaging in an active Literacy session!

In our nursery sessions we have also been building on our knowledge of colour matching using a variety of natural objects and ensuring your children have the opportunities in a variety of different experiences to demonstrate this through independent learning experiences. 2D shapes and their properties have also been another focus. Mathematical games such as ‘Guess the shape in the bag’, or ‘describe a shape to your friend’ and also ‘can you match a shape’ build on very important mathematical skills. We have introduced mathematical vocabulary such as ‘corners’, ‘points’, ‘sides’, ‘equal’ and ‘same’. These activities have been extended by looking at shapes in our school environment and going on shape hunts! Maybe you could do this at home and let us know what you find?

In the nursery gardening children have been helping Mrs Kiddle prepare the soil for planting. Lots of worms have been found which prompted spontaneous learning experiences of the different parts of worms such as the ‘saddle’, what do they eat and comparing lengths! This is exciting when they squirm and some get ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’- all fantastic observations and mathematical vocabulary being used in a meaningful context.

 Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Moon and the Nursery Team.



Nursery Blog

Week commencing 30th January 2017.

It has been another productive week in nursery as we approach half term.

This week in nursery the children have been applying their skills regarding ‘repetition and repeating phrases’ from well-known books with our extension of, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you hear?

We have been observing the children independently telling their peers the stories using various resources to enhance this experience. Some of these being going on a Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you see? Hunt outdoors using the large pictures to sequence the story. This will be continued next week with our Brown Bear story.

Due to the popular demand of the natural ice sculptures the children have continued this exploration. Independently selecting a variety of materials to ‘freeze’ and then display in the outdoor area, observing the scientific concepts of ‘freezing’ and ‘defrosting’.

Our nursery children have also cooked a stir fry this week to celebrate Chinese New Year. This experience enhanced the children’s development of healthy eating, physical skills of chopping vegetables, tasting different cultural foods and using their senses to explore these. Lots of descriptive language was used to describe textures, taste and smell. I can report that the prawn crackers were a hit!

On Thursday the morning children experienced a puppet show by BJ puppets. I hope they shared this experience with you.

Throughout the week, opportunities to develop the children’s concept of number have been available as well as exploring 2D shapes and their properties. This will be continuing next week with applying these skills inn everyday practice with looking at shapes in our environment and properties through multisensory experiences such as playdough.

We have also continued with parents visiting nursery to support their child with sharing their ‘All about me books. This has been a fantastic success and we have seen an increase in conversations with peers regarding their families, all which have a positive impact on speech and language skills. Thank you for supporting us with this.

Mrs Parnell, Mrs Kidde and Mrs Hunter have continued with our ‘Big mouth speech programme’ in nursery which supports children with the physical skills of developing their mouth, tongue and speech sounds. We will be sharing these strategies with parents to keep developing these skills at home.

If your child shares any of these experiences at home with you, please let nursery staff know as this can be added to your child’s.


Miss Moon and the Nursery Team.

Nursery Blog 23rd January 2017.

In nursery this week we explored of Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? By Bill Martin. We looked at sequencing the animals in the book asking the children questions such as, ‘what animal was first?’, ‘What came next? Supporting your child to deepen their literacy knowledge and comprehension skills. We also reflected on our learning of Polar Bears and mind mapped our knowledge as well as our developing knowledge of brown bears.

Am session:

We continued to explore freezing and defrosting with making some natural ice sculptures using leaves, pine, firs and flowers. Children were encouraged to use their critical thinking skills to think about this scientific concept. Working in a team the children selected their materials and poured the water into a bowl. They then discussed what it looked like at that time. Adults modelled words such as liquid to the children. Then we encouraged the children to think where we could put the sculpture to freeze, thinking of the conditions it needed. We decided to use the freezer. The next day we then looked at it again and noticed it had frozen and picked a place to hang this outdoors where we could observe the effects the weather had on it. The children used many scientific words such as frozen and melting. We will be continuing this next week using fruits to add to the sensory experience and support your child’s descriptive vocabulary


This week we have had a very exciting time in nursery as some parents have joined us in our sessions to support their child with exploring their ‘All about Me’ book. This has been a very beneficial experience for the children who have been able to develop their confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. The children then were able to share their story telling skills with ‘polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear?’ Thank you very much for joining us with these experiences as they have a huge impact on the children’s Communication and Language development. We look forward to continuing this throughout the year.


On Friday some of the children read their books to Granny and Jess the reading dog. Granny and Jess commented on how wonderful the experience was and how confident the children who read this week were at discussing what happens in their book. Jess then allowed the children to groom her, which enhanced their experience and knowledge on how to care for living things.

This week we will be exploring shapes and their properties, developing a basic awareness of Chinese New Year with making a stir fry as well as investigating the capacity with the luckily colours of Chinese New Year of red and gold.

Miss Moon and the nursery team.

Nursery Blog 16th January 2017.

In nursery this week we continued our exploration of Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear? By Bill Martin. We looked at sequencing the animals in the book asking the children questions such as, ‘what animal was first?’, ‘What came next? Supporting your child to deepen their literacy knowledge and comprehension skills.

On Monday, in Rainbow Fish key group room, we had some large white footprint left that led to a special reading cave! What animal had left these prints? Maybe your child will share this with you!

We investigated in our investigation station the polar bear habitat and what happened to the ice throughout the session? Children were encouraged to use their critical thinking skills to think about this scientific concept. Adjectives to describe the ice such as ‘freezing’, ‘cold’, ‘slippery’ were used by the children and some discussed how it was warm in nursery and made the ice ‘melt’!

This week we re-introduced Beat Baby to the children. Beat Baby visits nursery every Thursday and helps us to explore musical concepts such as rhythm, beat, pitch, tempo and also musical vocabulary. Your child will begin with exploring their body as a musical instrument which supports phase 1 phonics for nursery. Clapping, tapping and stamping to name a few are our first instruments before we introduce shakers, tambours, tambourines, maracas and bells.

We continued our mathematical development regarding number with grouping objects and identifying if we had more or less and what. We also challenged some children with simple addition using single digits for example 1 add 1 is? We represented this on our fingers and then made our fingers join together to visualise that when we add the digits come together and get bigger! This allowed us to explore some simple number bonds:

2 +2 = 4

1+3 = 4

3+1 = 4

Next week we will be exploring Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

 Miss Moon and the nursery team.





Nursery Blog Week Commencing 9th January 2017.

Welcome back to nursery! We have welcomed some new children into our afternoon sessions and they have settled extremely well.

Our IPC theme this half term is ‘Bears’. In our first two days we gathered the children’s understanding of what they knew about bears for our starting points. Some of their comments were regarding the features of bears and their size, using words such as gigantic! We then thought of questions we would like to research for example, ‘Where do bears live?’; ‘What do bears like to eat?’ These questions will form the basis of our exploration on bears over the next few weeks and your children will be able to document their learning in our new big learning books!

Over the next two weeks we will be exploring and enhancing your childs understanding regarding Polar Bears and linking this to the artic winter theme. We are exploring in our Literacy, ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear’ by Bill Martin.. You child will be able to deepen their understanding of:

  • What does the title page share with us?

  • How stories are structured for example they have a beginning, middle and end.

  • What and who are the main characters?

  • Repetative phrases and early rhyme.

  • Who is the Author?

We will also be linking our topic to enhance our mathematics and creativity. In maths we will be looking at concepts such as size, using mathematical vocabulary such as big, bigger, small, smaller and middle when using objects such as bear counters. Our two year olds will also be exploring sorting and classifying due to common features such as colour. We will be depending our understanding of number through 1-1 correspondence and number sense for example for the number two we need two items.

We have also had a very exciting experience on Friday with the snow! We went on a snow walk in the main playground and looked at the patterns we made with our footsteps. Jess also joined us on our walk and we discussed if our footprints looked like Jess’s! This opportunity enabled us to explore some factual knowedge such as the weather conditions needed for it to snow and also what makes snow melt? The children also enjoyed the ‘squelchy’ and ‘crunchy’ sound the snow made when we walked on it!

If your child comments on any of their experiences at home, we would love to hear about these.

Miss Moon and the Nursery Team.


Please click on the link below to find out our IPC this term

IPC Bears 2017



Autumn 2016

Nursery Blog Week Commencing 28th November 2016.

 It has been a very busy week in nursery this week with the start of Christmas celebrations in school.

Oliver’s Vegetables by Vivian French was the basis for our IPC Literacy exploration. It allowed us to explore common vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cauliflowers and some more unusual ones such as rhubarb. The children printed with some of these vegetables exploring the different shapes they made as well as uses their senses to explore touch and smell. We also explored weight with our vegetables seeing which vegetables made the bucket go down, ‘heavier’ and which ones went up, ‘lighter’, enabling us through practical experiences to build our mathematical vocabulary through practical experiences. This also led to some prediction of which ones would be heavier or lighter!


Tuesday morning met us with a sharp frost which meant a spontaneous frost walk around the school grounds. We thought of adjectives to describe the sounds we heard when we walked on the frosty grass, such as, ‘crunchy’, ‘hard’ and ‘shiny’. On the frosty surfaces we engaged in emergent mark making experiences, making different patterns. Some children even formed their initial letter! We also explored the ice we found around the school, trying to use different tools to get the ice and other items frozen inside. Pictures are in the nursery hallway.

On Thursday the children were greeted with the nursery Christmas decorations and our annual visitor ‘Elvis the Elf’. We were also able to watch the visiting school pantomime of Cinderella. Children were also able to meet a special visitor that came to the grotto!

The end of the week saw nursery children busily baking Christmas crispie puddings for the Christmas Fayre on Friday. Children explore different ways to melt the chocolate, mixing this into the crispies and also sharing out the mixture into the cup cakes.

Next week we will be continuing our exploration of vegetables with our story and experiences of ‘Supertato’ as well as many different Christmas crafts.

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 Miss Moon and the Nursery Team.

Nursery Blog Week Commencing 21st November 2016.

 This week nursery has been very busy continuing our exploration of fruits. Our story that links into our IPC theme was ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne.

Nursery children were afforded many exciting opportunities to explore a range of tropical fruits using all of their senses. Children explored how Pineapples, Mangoes, Passion Fruits, Avocadoes, Tangerines looked, felt, smelt and tasted within our mathematical food tasting experience. Children voted which was their favourite tasting fruit and made a pictogram to highlight which fruit had the ‘most’ votes and the ‘least’ votes. Children also used a wide range of adjective to describe the fruit appropriate to the sense they used. At the end of the experience we found out that the Pineapple across both key groups was the favourite and the Avocado was the least (an acquired last I think!).


The children also explored skills such as 1-1 correspondence by rolling our orange scented play dough to see how many tangerines they could put in Handa’s coconut basket. We also had opportunities for exploring numicon to develop number sense and explore numerals to identify how many fruits were in a set.


Mrs Kiddle brought an empty box of popcorn into nursery for our role play which sparked lots of opportunities for conversation reading how children had popcorn when watching films and when visiting the cinema. We decided that it would be a lovely experience to enhance our exploration of literacy when we watched ‘Handa’s Surprise’ on the Interactive Whiteboard to support your child’s recall of the story by having a bowl of popcorn too, following the children’s interest in this topic.

We hope your child has shared some of these experiences with you and we are looking forward to exploring a variety of vegetables in the next couple of weeks.

Miss Moon and the Nursery Team.

We have had an extremely busy week in nursery exploring our new IPC theme ‘Food’.

To support the children with making links to events happening in their community we started our exploration with making chocolate covered apples, hot chocolate and some potato wedges from the potatoes grown in the Early Years garden.

Children explored scientific concepts such as melting and dissolving as well as using familiar electrical equipment from around the home to aid us in melting the chocolate.

The children busily harvested potatoes, scrubbed them and then cut and baked them to join our bonfire banquet for our nursery camp fire!

We sang 5 currant buns around our pretend camp fire in the garden and then sampled the food and drink we prepared, allowing children to explore concepts such as mathematical vocabulary through familiar songs, fire safety and celebrations and festivals.

Children also continued this theme by decorating biscuits in the theme of fireworks, independently selecting different decorations.

On Friday we remembered fallen comrades in our remembrance group time. We watched a link on CBeebies allowing children to explore different emotions and discuss the meaning behind ‘Remembrance’ and the Poppy Reef that we made. All the children joined in with a two minute silence to show our respect.




















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