Useful Information

Absence and illness

Please inform the school, by phone, if your child is ill or absent for any reason. If we are not aware of the reason for a child’s absence that absence is recorded as ‘unauthorised’.

Please only make doctor/dental appointments in school time if it is an emergency. Your child will be classed as absent for a whole session if not in school at registration time.

Holiday taken during term time – in line with Local Authority Guidance, all holidays taken within school time will be classed as unauthorised.  Our school works closely with the Education Welfare Officer.


It is sometimes necessary to contact a parent urgently during school hours. Please make sure you have filled in a contact sheet where you can give us an alternative telephone number that you can be contacted on. If you change your address, place of work or telephone number, please notify us immediately. Parents will be informed if a child bumps their head.

Should you have an emergency where you find either yourself or a named person on the contact sheet unable to collect your child please telephone the school and state who will be collecting your child. We will ask for proof of identity from the person collecting your child. This is for safety and welfare of your child.

Medicines in School

LA Health and Safety policy cautions schools against administering drugs and medicines. School policy states that we can only administer prescribed medicine which needs to be taken 4 times a day.  The school’s Medicine Policy is available on request.


Children wearing jewellery of any description will not be allowed to take part in any PE, games or food technology lessons. Teachers and support staff are not allowed to remove, or look after, any item of jewellery.


We follow the Local Authority Guidelines for identifying and assessing children with special educational needs and those identified as Able, Gifted and Talented. Parents are kept informed at all stages and of all strategies used and their consent obtained before any referral is made to outside agencies.

Racial Equality

Good relations between different races and cultural groups within the school and the wider community are positively promoted. It is ensured that an inclusive ethos is established and maintained.

Child Protection

Staff are required to report any obvious or suspected case of child abuse – which includes non-accidental injury, severe physical neglect, emotional abuse and/or sexual abuse. This does mean that Headteachers risk upsetting some parents by reporting a case to the Authorities which, on investigation, proves unfounded. In such circumstances, it is hoped that parents, appreciating how difficult it is for Headteachers to carry out this delicate responsibility, would accept that the Headteacher was acting in what was believed to be the child’s best interest.

Equal Opportunities

All children, regardless of race and gender, are offered equal access to all learning opportunities and to all aspects of school life, including those with special needs.
Advice is sought and support provided as appropriate to meet individual needs.

Education Welfare Officer

The E.W.O. offers support with attendance and school related problems. The Education Welfare Officer for Clarkson School is Mel Algate who can be contacted on 01945 585128.

Links with the Community

Clarkson has well established links with the community whether it be inviting parents and friends to watch and share in assemblies or going out of school using local resources to enhance our curriculum. Our family learning opportunities are very well supported.

The transition from Clarkson to St Peters School is eased for Year 2 pupils by visits from staff and the sharing of summer term events.

School Trips

Trips, events and activities are an integral part of school life, extending and enriching the children’s experience. We are mindful however, that they depend on help from parents and friends within the community for which the governors, staff and pupils are grateful.

Wisbech Schools Partnership

Clarkson Infant and Nursery  School is a member of the Wisbech Schools Partnership. This is a network of 21 schools and colleges in the Wisbech area. Membership enables us to broaden the experiences we offer our children.

Complaints Procedure

If parents have a concern the steps to follow are listed below:

  • to class teacher
  • to the Headteacher
  • formally to the Governing Body
  • formally to the County Council
  • formally to the Secretary of State for Education

Early Years Intevention Family Worker

Vicki Ellinor is our Early Years Intervention Family Worker, who is avaiable to see in school every Wednesday morning.  She can be contacted on 07795 453 526 for an informal chat or an appointment about many aspects of school life including free school meals, transition, and attendance.


Please follow the link  to download our uniform order form, see prices and sizes  uniform order form

Dinner Money

Our school dinner is £2.10 per day, if your child has a school dinner please pay at the beginning of the week. You can do this by putting your child’s dinner money in a sealed envelope with their name marked clearly on the front. To view the weekly menus please follow the link below  ‘my school lunch’

 Useful Links

School dinner menus

Free School Meals

Information for Families

Early Years Information


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