Sports Premium Statements




Following the success of the 2012 London Olympics, the government is providing additional funding to schools to improve the quality and breadth of physical education (PE) in primary schools.


At Clarkson Infant and Nursery School we are aiming to:


  • Increase teacher’s confidence and skills in delivering high quality PE, particularly gymnastics
  • Improve health and fitness of children and staff
  • Increase sport and fitness resources
  • Increase the number of non-team sports to appeal to children who prefer individual sporting activities e.g. through multi skills clubs/activities


At Clarkson Infant and Nursery School we are using the money to pay for a specialist PE teacher from the Witchford Schools Sports Partnership who will work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in PE. Through the Witchford Partnership, staff will also gain training in gymnastics, games and dance. Funding will enable children to participate in competitions within school and within the local area. Some funding is used to ensure that we have up to date equipment of a high quality. We are also employing sports coaches to work alongside teachings delivering PE lessons and to run lunchtime activities and after school clubs on the school site.

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Sports Premium Statement 2015-2016

Primary PE Sport Grant Award – Clarkson Infant and Nursery School.


Total Number of pupils on roll                                                183 (January Census)


Lump Sum                                                                              £8,000


Amount SG received per pupil (5 x 183)                                 £915


Total amount PPSG received                                                    £8,915


Summary of PPSG 2013 – 2014


Objectives of spending PPSG


  • PE provision is judged to be good
  • To develop a love of sport and physical activity
  • To ensure that teacher’s skills are up to date and that they are delivering consistently good PE lessons
  • To enhance the sport/PE opportunities and experiences available to our children


Record of PPSG Spending by item/project


Area Aim Impact July 2014 Cost
PE support from Witchford Sports Partnership through Gold Package subscription10 weeks of curriculum support for classes

Twilight training for staff

Opportunity for 3 inter-school competitions, some with local infant schools.

Supporting PE leader in school with curriculum planning and development

Improve the provision of sportPE provision is judged to be good by internal and external observations

To broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils

To develop a love of sport and physical activities

To develop teacher’s skills and support them in delivering consistently good PE lessons

Children have had access to high quality teaching from coachesTeachers have been upskilled through observing lessons and through teaching follow up lessons

All teachers attended gym training to develop systematic skills for teaching gymnastics and for use in their lessons




Physical co-ordination development for pupils needing additional support – Early morning club To enhance the skills of pupils with poor co-ordinationTo ensure that the school has a range of high quality resources to support the development of co-ordination Children have improved gross and fine motor skillsChildren are able to start the school day having exercised

Children attending the club are more energetic at the start of the school day.


To provide a range of physical activities for children to be engaged in during break periods For children to be active during their play sessions (through the teaching of a range of activities)For children to learn how to engage in purposeful physical activity during their “free” time.


Children are becoming more active during their break timesMore children are engaging in physical activity during their free time and are developing their physical skills through their play. £760
Maintain all PE an sporting equipment to a high standard in line with Safe Practice in Physical Education and Sport Regular health and safety equipment checks ensure that all equipment is safe to useThere is a range of high quality equipment for children to access Children have improved their ball skills as a result of the purchase of a better range of balls for use in PE sessions
After school coaching clubs Children to have access to after school clubs to enhance the development of their skills Clubs were provided by Sports Coaches for Gymnastics and multi skills. This is an area for ongoing improvement.

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